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Executive desks at BC Office Furniture

Like the figurehead of a ship, or the shirt of your favourite football team, an executive office desk is a symbolic object, and to visitors it can be emblematic of the occupant of the office, the company as a whole, and the values they stand for.  Likewise, an executive office table can make elegant and impressive reception furniture.  Remember, first impressions are vital when prospective clients visit your offices.

Since Victorian times, popular fashion for large executive desks has involved a lot of dark wood and green leather, their dimensions symbolizing solidarity and strength.  These types of desks suited the mood of the times, and variations on this theme are still readily available for those who prefer the traditional look.

Now however, times are changing and the latest styles of office furniture are designed to be clean, light, and more in keeping with the modern business world.  Modern executive desk trends include lighter tones, brighter colours, and shapes designed to remind observers of active dynamism rather than passive robustness.  Such concepts as an executive corner desk or a sit-stand executive desk would once have been considered outlandish, but are now common as professionals demand more from their facilities.

One of the most exciting developments in recent years has been the rise in the number of young professionals and entrepreneurs opting to make their home their base of operations.  When you work from a home office, you can choose whatever office furniture you like!  Therefore, a home office executive desk is likely to reflect your personality and tastes even more closely.

Here at BC Office Furniture, we always carry a wide range of the latest styles available, so this is the place to find your next executive desk for sale.  Contact our team to explore the possibilities for your office.