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Why Choose BC Office Furniture?

The way you appoint your office speaks volumes about the kind of company you are: Traditional and conservative; modern and cutting edge; bold and futuristic. A clearly defined, consistent décor creates an air of professionalism that will impress everyone who visits you. Choosing the right office interior for your company is critical. Creating the right environment to work in means your staff will feel inspired and motivated to put in their best performance. Whether your office space needs a new lease of life, a more unified design, or a complete change of layout, BC Office Furniture has the skills, experience and products you need to make your investment really worthwhile.

Our People

There are lots of reasons to choose BC for your office furniture, but the most important differentiating factor is our people. Led by Managing Director, Darrell van der Zyl, BC Office Furniture brings an ‘old school’ attitude to customer service:

Darrell van der ZylThe Extra Mile

It’s a time-worn phrase these days, but it’s still an idea we believe in. We don’t do “regular”, and we don’t do “standard”. Every single project we work on is individually designed and tailored to the client’s needs – and that means when you work with BC Office Furniture you’ll be getting the ‘royal carpet’ treatment from start to finish! We’ll work to incorporate all the design elements you require to really make your office space work for you. And it’s not just you, the customer, who benefits from this diligence:  We insist that every one of our manufacturing partners complies with strict environmental guidelines – from the implementation of health and safety procedures to sourcing wood from managed forests, and the controlled disposal of chemicals and other waste products. By reducing our environmental impact we aim to keep the world green just that little bit longer – meaning that, when you’re done at the office, there will still be a healthy environment for you to enjoy outside!

Cast Iron Guarantee

We expect you to pay for the work we do – not the mistakes we make! So, whilst we endeavour to achieve perfection in every element of your project first time, should we or our suppliers make a mistake; break a fitting; or otherwise need to replace or repair, we’ll do so at our expense, until you are completely delighted with the results. Consider it our Gold Seal – the price we offer at the beginning of the project is exactly the price you’ll pay, unless you elect to change the specification at any point. At BC Office Furniture you’ll get nothing less than absolute perfection, every time. It’s the backbone of what’s made our business such a success for over 20 years. Call us now on 020 8953 3437 to find out more.