Free 3D Planning & Design from Brent Cross Office Furniture

Our office furniture planning and design service will help you to visualize your office space with our new furniture installed, and is an invaluable tool in providing a real sense of how it will sit within the four walls of your office. This service is free to all clients old and new, so please feel free contact us on 020 8953 3437 to book an appointment.  We can arrange to meet up in your offices to measure your space and discuss your requirements in detail, or if you already have measurements and a rough layout drawing then we can do this remotely via email.  We will then come back to you with our plans and proposals, taking care that they will meet your requirements in terms of budget, style, quality and aesthetics.

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The changing face of office furniture

When it comes to office furniture, styles and trends are constantly in flux. Certain principles, however, stay the same. This year has been all about the ‘sit-stand desk’, focussed on the never-ending challenge of giving office workers multiple options and an alternative to sitting for long periods of time.

However, the principle is not quite so ground-breaking as some would have you believe:

THEN  Victorian sit-stand desk with manual height adjustment, only available in Mahogany with Cast Iron frame, sturdy British engineering:

NOW  2016 sit-stand desk with electric height adjustment, choice of top finishes, top quality motor and components, elegant Italian design:

To talk to us about sit-stand desks, or any products from our portfolio please feel free to get in touch.