Great Executive Desks

Business is changing, and office furniture is changing with it.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a single website where you could find a selection of the most stylish and contemporary office furniture available, curated by experienced office furniture suppliers?  The world has moved on from heavy and ornate pieces which are of prodigious size but lack functionality.  Instead, the executive desks and other products on sale from such a site would be modern in appearance, and designed to work within current business structures and environments. Let’s see what changes in the business world have precipitated these developments, and where executives and office managers can go for executive desks and related furniture which truly reflect the way we work and conduct business today.

Technology has changed our day-to-day lives beyond recognition in recent decades – the way we communicate, the way we shop, the way we relax, and especially the way we work.  Information technology has all but done away with paper-based documents and records, and modern offices are now all about appliances and connectivity rather than stationery and filing systems.  Thus, the role of the executive office desk has also changed, from being the centrepiece of your office environment, to an ergonomic functional workspace.  More than just acting as an executive office table on which to support your laptop, a well-designed modern work desk will offer convenient places to site your appliances, while providing a minimal amount of storage for the few items of traditional office equipment you just can’t do without.

The business climate and current trends have also had a huge impact on executive desk design.  More of us now work on a freelance or self-employed basis than ever before, and modern office furniture has to be tailored to new working practices and environments.  For those working from a home office, a large executive desk may simply not fit in the space available.  Meanwhile, the recent prevalence of videoconferencing technology means we have more reason than ever to keep our offices, not just clean and tidy, but also stylistically current and serviceable.

At BC Office Furniture, we offer modern office furniture which affords you a wide choice of aesthetic and functional considerations.  Let’s take a look at some of our executive desks as an example.

Three Styles of Modern Executive Desks

For those who prefer a traditional office look, there are desks which offer modern features while preserving the sturdy appearance of earlier models.  The Dyrlund Redheart Beech and Dyrlund Rosewood Concorde desks will give your workspace that familiar feel.  The Dyrlund Ash Commodore desk is similar in shape, but its lighter, more muted tone will make for a modern, airy feel in your office.

For a home office executive desk with a clean and modern look, check out the Verco Corniche and Quadrifoglio T45 Desks.  The Verco Aston desk is an executive corner desk conceived in a similar style.

Fast-forward to the future with our stunning minimalist ultra-modern desks.  The Metar, Verco DNA, Jet Evo and Loopy are all practical models with cutting edge contemporary design.

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