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Tips on Selecting Executive Office Furnishings

When the office is furnished properly, productivity and morale soar. An investment in high-end, Executive Office Furniture in London does double duty by improving morale in the workplace and making a good impression on potential customers. It’s easy to see why high-quality classic office furnishings are essential, but how do you select the best pieces for your space? Here are some suggestions 

  • Ergonomics

Every office equipment you purchase ought to be thought out from an ergonomic standpoint. In the workplace, every piece of furniture—from desks to footrests to chairs—must be built with comfort and efficiency. Ergonomics has many positive effects in the workplace, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Better health 
  2. Increased productivity 
  3. Decreased pain
  • Flexibility

When shopping for office furniture, it’s important to find pieces that can be easily adjusted to accommodate the needs of any worker. The executive office furniture, including height-adjustable desks, comes from reputable manufacturers and is designed to be used by people of varying heights and build. With the adaptable office furniture, your staff will have a more pleasant time at work.

  • Take the Measurement of Your Workplace

It’s terrible to skip this step when setting up an office. Many people’s new furniture only fits through the doorway when it arrives and aligns appropriately with the wall and openings. You must take accurate measurements.

  • The Capacity of Your Workplace’s File Cabinets

You will require additional storage space in addition to your desk. Bookcases, filing cabinets, side tables, and other furniture pieces can all be different places to put things. Carefully evaluate the available space after removing unnecessary items before committing to new storage solutions.

The storage solutions you select shouldn’t stand out too much from the rest of your office furnishings. Don’t ever give up storage to get more stuff. Having a clear path from the entrance to your workstation is important so that neither you nor your clients have to struggle.

  • Wellness Impact

The furniture strongly influences health and well-being in the workplace. Any piece of office furniture that is both functional and easy on the body can do wonders for morale and output. Before purchasing new office furniture, consider how it will affect the health of your staff.

  • Loyalty to a Brand

There are several reasons why any office furniture’s brand value is crucial. As a result, you should only shop for office furnishings from well-known international companies that specialise in selling high-end office furnishings.

  • Aesthetic

The attractiveness of your lobby can significantly impact how well your business does. Impressing clients and making a good impression on them is easier with the help of high-quality reception office furniture. Buy furniture that can complement the aesthetic you are going for. Before making a furniture purchase, it is important to inspect the quality of the construction, the materials used, and the finishes.


There’s more to it than adding things to an online shopping cart when selecting Executive Office Furniture London. To make an informed decision about office furniture, you should try it out first. But there are other options when shopping for furniture online.

All About Cantilever Frame Desks

In today’s market, there is such a wide variety of office furniture that it can be challenging to make a well-informed purchase. Cantilever Frame Desks London may now be the optimal, most adaptable choice for your office. The desks represent the essence of genius in their purest form. Despite their apparent simplicity, they provide a virtually infinite range of customization options and set the stage for a pleasant and secure workplace.

Here we will discuss cantilever desks, their benefits, and choosing the best one for your office.

What’s the point of a cantilever desk?

The size and shape of the desktop are typically highlighted when comparing and contrasting various types of office desks. Cantilever desks are available in various shapes and sizes, but their most distinctive feature and significant advantage are hidden beneath the work surface.

Cantilever structures have many applications in the built environment, including buildings for homes and businesses and even aeroplanes. Thanks to them, balconies, bridges, and other facilities with overhangs can be made to stand independently without any auxiliary pillars or supports.

Instead of the usual four legs, a cantilever desk has two L-shaped legs. It not only improves the functionality of a workstation but also gives it a whole new aesthetic.

Cantilever desks have many advantages.

  • Cantilever desks are just as stable as regular desks, but they don’t have the two front legs that can get in the way of people moving around the office or even be a source of further trauma.
  • If you have a cantilever desk, you won’t have to worry about bumping your leg as you walk from one side of your desk to the other. Several cantilever desks placed next to one another can transform into a fully functional shared workspace that allows unrestricted movement and communication between workers.
  • Cantilever desks have more space for storage because they don’t have two legs in the front. Adding drawers beneath the desk or using mobile desk pedestals are great options for a flexible, multipurpose office.
  • Adjusting the height of a cantilever desk is much simpler, quicker, and safer than with other types of desks. Telescopic legs simplify changing their size, eliminating the need to carefully balance and adjust each of the four standard legs individually to achieve optimal stability.
  • This is especially useful when multiple people need to share a single desk. Adjusting the desk’s height can make a huge difference in how well you can work and how well you can keep your posture. Muscle fatigue, back pain, and other symptoms of inactivity must be avoided at all costs.
  • Cantilever desks are the sturdiest option. If one of the legs on a typical four-legged desk is broken, hit, or bent, the entire desk can become wobbly. Furthermore, it’s not just irritating. If the leg hurts, the desk could topple over, posing a severe risk to whoever is sitting at or near it.


The addition of Cantilever Frame Desks to your office design is highly recommended. They serve their purpose well, look good, and won’t break the bank. For this reason, you should think about them before you begin building.

Rectangular Desks

Selecting the ideal desk

A type of desk is a frequent concern while creating the ideal home office setup. Many options can be confusing, from a rectangular computer office desk to an L-shaped standing desk, from an office standing desk to a wood home standing desk, and from an adjustable desk to a curved desk.

While it may not seem like the design of the workstation has any bearing on performance or productivity, the reality is far from that. Additionally, each style indeed has advantages over others. As a result, one must thoroughly investigate the options before purchasing any office desks. The type of office space and environment to work in, the space available to place the desk, so the room doesn’t look suffocated or empty, the kind of laptop and monitor setup according to need, as well as the comfort level with one type of desk over another, are typically the two main considerations in choosing a desk.

Knowing this, one can argue that a wooden desk can be superior to a metal desk frame and desktop because some individuals need a little aesthetic stimulation to feel productive.

Similar to how a curved desk is considered more pleasant and comfortable than a rectangular computer table due to its lack of leading corners or sharp edges that can cut the space, Rectangular Desks, on the other hand, are more user-friendly and adaptable due to their widespread use.

A desk that is too huge is a waste, while a desk that is too small won’t meet the needs and will look awkward, just like when deciding between curved vs. flat workstations for programmers, gamers, and everyone else.

Curved computer desks versus rectangular computer desks

The choice of desk will depend on the nature and style of the workstation. The person setting up their workstation is aware of the area, office plan, and layout design, so that can give a definitive answer to that question. However, some other considerations can help in choosing the best desk.


  • A straight desk often referred to as a rectangle desk, has proportions similar to a rectangle. Since they have been used since day one, these desks are the most prevalent in offices. In addition, a rectangle computer desk is more attractive and adaptable than a curved desk.
  • A rectangular computer desk provides professionalism to a greater extent, especially for someone who values minimalism and aesthetics.
  • On the other hand, if willing to sacrifice some workspace in the home or office or only have a small area to set up the workstation, choose a curved desk.
  • This also implies that rectangular desks give a larger work surface. In addition, a rectangle computer desk might assist in keeping the screens side by side if they have multiple monitors.

A common issue is that curved desks are closer to the opposite edge in the middle. There is a psychological aspect at play, telling that having less space right in front when seated isn’t sufficient to make a difference.


It is impossible to overestimate the significance of health and safety in the modern workplace. When choosing a desk, it is important to consider the ideal reach zone. It has been demonstrated that having products nearby minimises workplace accidents. Consequently, a functional workstation is crucial.

Curved desks are a better option for someone who wants to have a lot of stuff near at hand because they have larger optimum reach zones. A suitably curved workstation can help prevent wrist strain injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome.

On the other hand, one does not have to put a rectangular computer desk in the corner (case with a curved desk). As a result, one may also position the rectangular workstation directly beneath the window. Rectangular Desks in front of a window will allow taking advantage of the variables that will boost job effectiveness, natural light, and fresh air to breathe, which is quite advantageous.

Office Furniture

Office furniture: the importance of a good choice

Many people spend most of their time at work. They then put their knowledge into practice and finish the task at hand. Because of this, comfort in this location must be one of the top considerations. The workers will be happier and more at ease while performing their duties.

As a result, the work will be considerably more successful. The collective and individual actions will be livelier if the setting is straightforward, pleasant, and welcoming.

To begin, let’s establish what an “office” is. It is a place designated for carrying out a certain kind of task. Depending on its purpose, this place can be distributed in several ways and have various properties. The allocation will depend on how many individuals will be working there.

What is furniture?

The movable articles, such as tables, chairs, desks, or cabinets, required for use or ornament in a house, office, or the like. Fittings, apparatus, or necessary accessories for something. A collection of furniture that belongs in space and supports people.


The area must be used appropriately; a good distribution and placement of the Office Furniture will improve the atmosphere. This furniture also needs to be adjusted. It is crucial to have the answers to the ever-growing technological necessities so that the office tables have what is required to receive these advancements.

Office furnishings enhance the working atmosphere.

The selection of high-quality office furniture is intangible by consumers, tourists, and personnel. The product’s quality and functionality must be considered when deciding. The table needs to be modified for the kind of job being done. Although it seems unbelievable, everything matters—from the colour to the type of material used to make them.

Office furniture types

  • Modular architecture.
  • The computer module.
  • Meeting and modular tables.

Size, colour, material, and quality

The type of material, the size, the colour, and the quality must all be considered for each of these. Know how to pick the ideal design to make the most of any office space. As well as, so many companies offer their deals but believe it will be the best deal for the office. The best material furniture at the best price in London is in BC Office Furniture.

Initial Material: Wooden Furniture

These unquestionably provide a lot more elegance and even creativity. Even though it is the most conventional, many decorators still employ it. These furnishings come in a variety of finishes and quality. Teak, oak, or cherry are available; everyone can be offered various nuanced options that enable a mix that may even be creative. In addition to being extremely robust, they will never be out of fashion.

Furniture made of plastic

Tables and chairs can be made of plastic alone or in combination with other materials. For instance, plastic chairs have the benefit of allowing for quicker mobility. With a plastic chair, one can go from one location to another without getting up. They also have the advantage of being simpler to wash and clean. In addition, they can survive every daily interruption.

Objects made of metal

There are numerous types of metal. Hardness, durability, and stiffness must all be considered while selecting furniture constructed from this material. Glass and metal work well together. This type of material exhibits fragility and delicateness in an office setting. Considering this, this material should be used in offices with light traffic. Designers now offer contemporary furniture.

The chair is office equipment

Even though everything in an office is significant and required, the chair has a considerable impact. This ought to be quite cosy. Most people spend a lot of time sitting down; therefore, if the chair is unpleasant, the desired comfortability might not be realised.

Advice on selecting an office chair


The seat needs to be wide enough for the person to feel like spacious around him. The front portion cannot be slanted upward, and the height must be adjustable.


The lower back needs to be supported; thus, this is crucial. It must therefore fit the back. When the chair’s inclination can be adjusted, the lower back support can be achieved and leave it there. Experience wonderful comfort and buy from BC Office Furniture.


This is a crucial component. One can choose whether or not the position is more comfortable. The arm should be bent 90 degrees.

Office Furniture London

What is Office Furniture and Why Does it Matter?

Office furniture is the equipment and furnishings that are used in an office environment. It can range from chairs, desks, tables, and storage units to lighting and filing cabinets. Office furniture is important because it provides comfort and efficiency for the employees who work there. 

Office furniture can range from chairs, desks, tables, and storage units to lighting and filing cabinets. 

Reasons Why You Should Spend More on Your Desk Than a Chair or Table 

Since desks are more expensive than chairs or tables, it can be hard to justify the extra cost. But there are many reasons why you should invest in a desk. 

1) A desk can help you be more productive: A desk is a place where you can organize your thoughts and work with all sorts of materials – from paper to digital devices. It also has the potential to help you focus on the task at hand, which will make it easier for you to complete tasks faster and get things done ahead of schedule. 

2) A desk can provide more storage space: If your office only has one table that is shared by everyone in the room, then chances are that it doesn’t have enough storage space for all your work needs. If you’re a freelancer or you are working from home, then chances are that the limited space in your home office is a real problem. 

3) A desk can help you avoid accidents and injuries: Although it’s not always possible to have a desk in your workspace, or even if you don’t have a designated work area, investing in a computer desk will be worth it since it provides an area where you can sit while working and avoid injuries such as tripping over cables or falling off chairs. 

5 Tips to Make an Impactful First Impression on Your New Coworker With Quality Design 

A first impression is a lasting impression. Studies show that people form an opinion about you within the first 10 seconds of meeting you. That’s why it’s so important to make a good first impression with your new coworker. Here are 5 tips to help you make a good first impression with your new coworker: 

1) Have a clean and organized desk when meeting with your new coworker for the first time.

2) Be polite and ask them how they are doing before diving into the work at hand. 

3) Smile often and use body language that shows interest in what they’re saying. 

4) Ask them about themselves, what they do outside of work, or what their hobbies are. 

5) If you have any projects on your desk, put them away and give your coworker a clear workspace. 

What are the Popular Types of Office Furniture These Days? 

In this article, we will explore the different types of office furniture that are available today and the benefits that they offer. We will also look at where you can purchase them from and how much they cost. 

The contemporary office furniture market is a booming business, with new designs being released every year. There are a number of different types of office furniture available on the market, some more popular than others. The most popular type of office furniture is ergonomic chairs, which provide comfort for all-day use and reduce back pain. They also promote good posture which in turn reduces stress levels. 

What is the Best Way to Buy Office Furniture in London? 

Choosing the best place to buy office furniture in London can be a difficult task. There are many factors that you need to consider before making a decision. You need to find out what type of furniture you are looking for, which types of materials you want it to be made of, and how much space you have available at your office. 

The best way to buy office furniture in London is by contacting professional interior designers who will provide expert advice on the best places for buying and where they would recommend that you start looking. They will also help with any design aspects of your office and provide advice on what types of materials will work best for your needs.

Creating the Ultimate Home Office

Creating the Ultimate Home Office

Our Top Tips for Creating the Ultimate Home Office

If you’re reading this blog whilst working from home, you’re certainly not alone. Recent years have seen a mass exodus of office-based workers – a trend that had already gathered ground, even before the COVID-19 pandemic created a major shift in the way we work.

During the height of the coronavirus crisis, research conducted by the BBC revealed that fifty of the UK’s biggest employers had no immediate plans to return all staff to a full-time office base. And a new generation of employees is overwhelmingly geared toward hybrid working, where at least some of the working week is spent at home.

Ultimate Home Office

In terms of work/life balance and flexibility, this is good news but, as anyone who is having to conduct their career from the kitchen table or spare bedroom knows, working without a home office can be exceedingly challenging.

So, if you’re thinking about dedicating some space to a home office set up, here are some top tips to ensure you create the optimum working environment:

It’s all about the desk

Every home office starts with a desk. It’s the single most important office item you’ll purchase, as everything else will be designed around it. Of course, the desk has to suit the space and, for many of us, this may be limited.

Working from Home

At bc office furniture we offer a range of desk shapes, type and sizes to suit a variety of spaces – from cantilever frame desks to corner desks, wall hung desks and sit/stand desks. We can help you to make the most out of whatever space you have available. And with a selection of styles available too – you can match your desk to your interior scheme, so it won’t clash or look incongruous.

Pick a Supportive Chair

You’ll be spending lots of time at your home desk, so as well as ensuring that it’s practical and looks nice and, it’s vital to create a space that supports your wellbeing. That may mean situating your desk where there’s lots of natural light, popping plants on your desk or incorporating mood-boosting colours and artwork into your office scheme. Crucially, it also means picking an office chair that supports your back and provides comfort.

Think office health & safety – you should be able to sit with your feet flat on the floor and your knees at a 90-degree angle. Adjustable chairs can enable you to find the best height for your needs, but you also need to look for chairs with supportive backs and comfortable padding. Remember, the chair will be a permanent fixture, so needs to blend with the rest of your furniture.

Home Office Setup Essentials

Don’t Scrimp on Storage

It may be that you’re going for a minimalist look and want simple, sleek lines from your office furniture. If, on the other hand, you have a lot of office equipment/stationery and folders to keep tidy, look for units that offer plenty of storage. There are tonnes of options available for storage, including desk drawers, shelves, cupboards or desk-top containers. The last thing you want in your home is more clutter, so seek out office furniture that helps you to minimise mess.

Make it Personal

Perhaps one of the most overlooked home-office set up essentials is the need to inject some personality into your scheme. The joy of not being office-based is that you can make the space your own. So, take your time to pick furniture that not only complements the rest of your home but which makes you feel happy. The more comfortable and familiar you feel in your workspace, the more productive you’ll be.

Whatever style you are looking for, you can find the perfect product with us. To discover more, please get in touch with us. Or, if you would like to speak to a member of our team directly, call us on 020 8953 3437. We will be pleased to help you with any queries you may have.


Office Design Affects Work Productivity

5 Ways How an Office Design Affects Work Productivity

If you have a well-designed office, you provide your employees with an ideal working space that offers many benefits. Your employees might not be able to perform at their best if you don’t put much thought into designing their work area.

Before you rent or buy your office space, you should think of ways to design it strategically. You have to check all the details and determine how these can affect your employees and the company. Continue reading to better understand how work design can affect work productivity.

Establish Professionalism

Employees want the feeling of connection when they work in an office. This is especially true if they spend time working at home. They can have more motivation to complete their tasks if their office is something they add a personal touch to, such as a photo of their favourite travel or family. You can also place a nameplate in their work area to give them the feeling of ownership and establish professionalism.

Cut Down Distractions

Instead of focusing on their work, people will focus on the pain they feel from aching back, neck, or wrist. So, having ergonomic furniture is an excellent idea to keep employees working on big projects at their desks.

It’s recommended to have a design plan that allows you to have more ergonomics in your office. For instance, you can place executive chairs to allow your employees to adjust the height of their chairs so that they can sit with the right posture.

In addition,  it would also help if your office design plan can accommodate more ergonomics in the workplace. For example, your employees can get adjustable seats that allow them to work with proper posture.

Keep Employees Engaged

Employees will likely feel sleepy at work if the office space has boring interiors and dull walls. Modern and polished pieces such as paintings and plants don’t only make your office more attractive but also professional.

Employee engagement will also be better if you consider the movement of people in your office design. For instance, if employees can easily move from their desk to a meeting room, they can shift more easily from working independently to working with a group.

Promote Teamwork

Having an open office is a good design idea. But, there’s something more you can do to foster collaboration. For instance, you can include small rooms designed for two to four employees to work together in office suites. Through this, they can work more closely without getting distracted.

Moreover, you can encourage spontaneous collaborations by placing pairs of chairs with a table in areas where employees usually walk. This can lead to an employee walking to get coffee to a collaboration that can result in great ideas.

Stimulate the Brain

According to a current study, it indicates that employees said that they experienced less eyestrain and headaches when there was more natural light in their office. So, large windows for your office design are a good way for more light to enter. If this isn’t possible, you can layer light to have the same effect. Employees are more attentive if their working area is bright.


Finally, you understand how a well-thought office design is important for employees to be motivated at work. Considering furniture in your office design, you can make your employees perform at their best and boost the company.

BC Office Furniture not only fosters productivity but also creativity through its office furniture pieces. Visit our website to discover more ergonomic chairs, tables, lighting, and more that can make your work area advantageous for your employees and the company.

executive desks

Great Executive Desks

Business is changing, and office furniture is changing with it.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a single website where you could find a selection of the most stylish and contemporary office furniture available, curated by experienced office furniture suppliers?  The world has moved on from heavy and ornate pieces which are of prodigious size but lack functionality.  Instead, the executive desks and other products on sale from such a site would be modern in appearance, and designed to work within current business structures and environments. Let’s see what changes in the business world have precipitated these developments, and where executives and office managers can go for executive desks and related furniture which truly reflect the way we work and conduct business today.

Technology has changed our day-to-day lives beyond recognition in recent decades – the way we communicate, the way we shop, the way we relax, and especially the way we work.  Information technology has all but done away with paper-based documents and records, and modern offices are now all about appliances and connectivity rather than stationery and filing systems.  Thus, the role of the executive office desk has also changed, from being the centrepiece of your office environment, to an ergonomic functional workspace.  More than just acting as an executive office table on which to support your laptop, a well-designed modern work desk will offer convenient places to site your appliances, while providing a minimal amount of storage for the few items of traditional office equipment you just can’t do without.

The business climate and current trends have also had a huge impact on executive desk design.  More of us now work on a freelance or self-employed basis than ever before, and modern office furniture has to be tailored to new working practices and environments.  For those working from a home office, a large executive desk may simply not fit in the space available.  Meanwhile, the recent prevalence of videoconferencing technology means we have more reason than ever to keep our offices, not just clean and tidy, but also stylistically current and serviceable.

At BC Office Furniture, we offer modern office furniture which affords you a wide choice of aesthetic and functional considerations.  Let’s take a look at some of our executive desks as an example.

Three Styles of Modern Executive Desks

For those who prefer a traditional office look, there are desks which offer modern features while preserving the sturdy appearance of earlier models.  The Dyrlund Redheart Beech and Dyrlund Rosewood Concorde desks will give your workspace that familiar feel.  The Dyrlund Ash Commodore desk is similar in shape, but its lighter, more muted tone will make for a modern, airy feel in your office.

For a home office executive desk with a clean and modern look, check out the Verco Corniche and Quadrifoglio T45 Desks.  The Verco Aston desk is an executive corner desk conceived in a similar style.

Fast-forward to the future with our stunning minimalist ultra-modern desks.  The Metar, Verco DNA, Jet Evo and Loopy are all practical models with cutting edge contemporary design.

Contact BC Office Furniture to find out more about our desks, or any of our other furniture ranges

presidential furniture

The Perks of Presidential Furniture

Presidential Furniture

Here at BC Office Furniture, we supply our clients with an extensive range of high-quality furniture. We also offer a planning and design service, with our complete service starting with an on-site meeting to discuss your needs and expectations. From here, we take the necessary measurements to inform our 2D space plans, along with 3D visualisations. We will make sure that you can see example showrooms from our suppliers before assisting you with the interior design elements. We offer clear and competitive pricing for your investment, whatever furniture you choose. Today we will cover some of the perks of buying presidential furniture, including the concept of value, the statement you can make with it, and the options for it to suit your style and the office enviornment.

It Places Your Value

Presidential furniture is a special kind of executive office furniture, usually referring to that which can be found at offices for Consulates, Embassies and High Commissions to Ambassadorial and Diplomatic high-ranking officials and executive associates. At BC Office Furniture, we have experience supplying presidential furniture in this capacity for over three decades. By buying presidential furniture, it places your company or organisation amongst these ranks, and demonstrates your value.

It Makes a Statement

A stunning elaborate presidential desk can make a statement about the person sat behind it, which filters through to the company or organisation as a whole. Items such as Italian executive office desks and luxury leather chairs provide a practical use as well as being grand and formidable, offering inspiration to those who enter the space.  As our statement office furniture is crafted from the best standard of materials and designed especially for your office space, your presidential furniture will be both a source of pride and comfort.

It Suits Your Style

From our experience, we know that many well-known dignitaries and heads of state select office furniture is ornate and stands out, but also suits the style and character of the room.  The centre piece to the space, our executive desks and chairs are guaranteed to work personally for you, in order to match the environment where it is placed. All of our presidential office furniture and executive desks can be supplied in a range of styles. You can choose light or dark woods, as well as high-quality dyed leather upholstery. Whether you would like a modern executive desk, or something more traditional, we are sure to have a presidential desk that suits you. If you’re looking for an executive desk for sale for your home office or your business premises, our presidential office furniture is sure to impress, and can positively impact on your work when in a beautiful space with the right bespoke furniture for you.

Contact Us

To find out more about our presidential furniture, please get in touch with us by completing the online contact form, or email us at Alternatively, to speak to a member of our team directly, please call us on 020 8953 3437 and we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have for us.