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Rectangular Desks

Selecting the ideal desk

A type of desk is a frequent concern while creating the ideal home office setup. Many options can be confusing, from a rectangular computer office desk to an L-shaped standing desk, from an office standing desk to a wood home standing desk, and from an adjustable desk to a curved desk.

While it may not seem like the design of the workstation has any bearing on performance or productivity, the reality is far from that. Additionally, each style indeed has advantages over others. As a result, one must thoroughly investigate the options before purchasing any office desks. The type of office space and environment to work in, the space available to place the desk, so the room doesn’t look suffocated or empty, the kind of laptop and monitor setup according to need, as well as the comfort level with one type of desk over another, are typically the two main considerations in choosing a desk.

Knowing this, one can argue that a wooden desk can be superior to a metal desk frame and desktop because some individuals need a little aesthetic stimulation to feel productive.

Similar to how a curved desk is considered more pleasant and comfortable than a rectangular computer table due to its lack of leading corners or sharp edges that can cut the space, Rectangular Desks, on the other hand, are more user-friendly and adaptable due to their widespread use.

A desk that is too huge is a waste, while a desk that is too small won’t meet the needs and will look awkward, just like when deciding between curved vs. flat workstations for programmers, gamers, and everyone else.

Curved computer desks versus rectangular computer desks

The choice of desk will depend on the nature and style of the workstation. The person setting up their workstation is aware of the area, office plan, and layout design, so that can give a definitive answer to that question. However, some other considerations can help in choosing the best desk.


  • A straight desk often referred to as a rectangle desk, has proportions similar to a rectangle. Since they have been used since day one, these desks are the most prevalent in offices. In addition, a rectangle computer desk is more attractive and adaptable than a curved desk.
  • A rectangular computer desk provides professionalism to a greater extent, especially for someone who values minimalism and aesthetics.
  • On the other hand, if willing to sacrifice some workspace in the home or office or only have a small area to set up the workstation, choose a curved desk.
  • This also implies that rectangular desks give a larger work surface. In addition, a rectangle computer desk might assist in keeping the screens side by side if they have multiple monitors.

A common issue is that curved desks are closer to the opposite edge in the middle. There is a psychological aspect at play, telling that having less space right in front when seated isn’t sufficient to make a difference.


It is impossible to overestimate the significance of health and safety in the modern workplace. When choosing a desk, it is important to consider the ideal reach zone. It has been demonstrated that having products nearby minimises workplace accidents. Consequently, a functional workstation is crucial.

Curved desks are a better option for someone who wants to have a lot of stuff near at hand because they have larger optimum reach zones. A suitably curved workstation can help prevent wrist strain injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome.

On the other hand, one does not have to put a rectangular computer desk in the corner (case with a curved desk). As a result, one may also position the rectangular workstation directly beneath the window. Rectangular Desks in front of a window will allow taking advantage of the variables that will boost job effectiveness, natural light, and fresh air to breathe, which is quite advantageous.

Office Design Affects Work Productivity

5 Ways How an Office Design Affects Work Productivity

If you have a well-designed office, you provide your employees with an ideal working space that offers many benefits. Your employees might not be able to perform at their best if you don’t put much thought into designing their work area.

Before you rent or buy your office space, you should think of ways to design it strategically. You have to check all the details and determine how these can affect your employees and the company. Continue reading to better understand how work design can affect work productivity.

Establish Professionalism

Employees want the feeling of connection when they work in an office. This is especially true if they spend time working at home. They can have more motivation to complete their tasks if their office is something they add a personal touch to, such as a photo of their favourite travel or family. You can also place a nameplate in their work area to give them the feeling of ownership and establish professionalism.

Cut Down Distractions

Instead of focusing on their work, people will focus on the pain they feel from aching back, neck, or wrist. So, having ergonomic furniture is an excellent idea to keep employees working on big projects at their desks.

It’s recommended to have a design plan that allows you to have more ergonomics in your office. For instance, you can place executive chairs to allow your employees to adjust the height of their chairs so that they can sit with the right posture.

In addition,  it would also help if your office design plan can accommodate more ergonomics in the workplace. For example, your employees can get adjustable seats that allow them to work with proper posture.

Keep Employees Engaged

Employees will likely feel sleepy at work if the office space has boring interiors and dull walls. Modern and polished pieces such as paintings and plants don’t only make your office more attractive but also professional.

Employee engagement will also be better if you consider the movement of people in your office design. For instance, if employees can easily move from their desk to a meeting room, they can shift more easily from working independently to working with a group.

Promote Teamwork

Having an open office is a good design idea. But, there’s something more you can do to foster collaboration. For instance, you can include small rooms designed for two to four employees to work together in office suites. Through this, they can work more closely without getting distracted.

Moreover, you can encourage spontaneous collaborations by placing pairs of chairs with a table in areas where employees usually walk. This can lead to an employee walking to get coffee to a collaboration that can result in great ideas.

Stimulate the Brain

According to a current study, it indicates that employees said that they experienced less eyestrain and headaches when there was more natural light in their office. So, large windows for your office design are a good way for more light to enter. If this isn’t possible, you can layer light to have the same effect. Employees are more attentive if their working area is bright.


Finally, you understand how a well-thought office design is important for employees to be motivated at work. Considering furniture in your office design, you can make your employees perform at their best and boost the company.

BC Office Furniture not only fosters productivity but also creativity through its office furniture pieces. Visit our website to discover more ergonomic chairs, tables, lighting, and more that can make your work area advantageous for your employees and the company.

presidential furniture

The Perks of Presidential Furniture

Presidential Furniture

Here at BC Office Furniture, we supply our clients with an extensive range of high-quality furniture. We also offer a planning and design service, with our complete service starting with an on-site meeting to discuss your needs and expectations. From here, we take the necessary measurements to inform our 2D space plans, along with 3D visualisations. We will make sure that you can see example showrooms from our suppliers before assisting you with the interior design elements. We offer clear and competitive pricing for your investment, whatever furniture you choose. Today we will cover some of the perks of buying presidential furniture, including the concept of value, the statement you can make with it, and the options for it to suit your style and the office enviornment.

It Places Your Value

Presidential furniture is a special kind of executive office furniture, usually referring to that which can be found at offices for Consulates, Embassies and High Commissions to Ambassadorial and Diplomatic high-ranking officials and executive associates. At BC Office Furniture, we have experience supplying presidential furniture in this capacity for over three decades. By buying presidential furniture, it places your company or organisation amongst these ranks, and demonstrates your value.

It Makes a Statement

A stunning elaborate presidential desk can make a statement about the person sat behind it, which filters through to the company or organisation as a whole. Items such as Italian executive office desks and luxury leather chairs provide a practical use as well as being grand and formidable, offering inspiration to those who enter the space.  As our statement office furniture is crafted from the best standard of materials and designed especially for your office space, your presidential furniture will be both a source of pride and comfort.

It Suits Your Style

From our experience, we know that many well-known dignitaries and heads of state select office furniture is ornate and stands out, but also suits the style and character of the room.  The centre piece to the space, our executive desks and chairs are guaranteed to work personally for you, in order to match the environment where it is placed. All of our presidential office furniture and executive desks can be supplied in a range of styles. You can choose light or dark woods, as well as high-quality dyed leather upholstery. Whether you would like a modern executive desk, or something more traditional, we are sure to have a presidential desk that suits you. If you’re looking for an executive desk for sale for your home office or your business premises, our presidential office furniture is sure to impress, and can positively impact on your work when in a beautiful space with the right bespoke furniture for you.

Contact Us

To find out more about our presidential furniture, please get in touch with us by completing the online contact form, or email us at Alternatively, to speak to a member of our team directly, please call us on 020 8953 3437 and we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have for us.

elegant office interior

How do you create an elegant office interior?

Whether you are looking to create clean lines that modern office furniture provides or to style your office with traditional classic executive office furniture, you may be wondering how you can bring it all together to create the elegance you require from a productive home office, or from your office décor within your business premises.

BC Office Furniture can help you to decide.  But first of all, let’s consider why it is important to create elegance and order within your office work space.

Creativity and productivity depend upon the right mind set, and not just upon the ability of individuals.  Being focused on a task often requires not just a limit to unnecessary distractions, but an atmosphere that lends itself to the aims or achievements in mind.  A tidy room for example, can help someone feel as though they have an ordered ‘tidy’ mind.  Having a room dedicated to, and equipped for a particular activity, can help the task to be completed in a way that is timely and efficient.

Even when companies and organisations primarily work as a paperless organisation, offices and studies can often house a lot of paperwork, files and documents that need to be on hand for reference and correspondence.  Office spaces also need to provide a suitable place for an array of various stationery and equipment, necessary for the smooth running of the home office or business premises and company workforce.  Executive Furniture is unique and built with that purpose in mind, in the same way as a fitted kitchen or a wardrobe is designed and built with an orderly suitable method relating to their uses and the needs of the owner.

A huge choice of stylish office furniture is available from BC Office Furniture, in order for you to choose a style that you and your workforce will find inspiring and that suits the particular needs of the individuals and any other company members that will use the office interior.  What makes the office furniture provided and installed by BC Office Furniture unique is that we can visit and survey the office space prior to any decisions being made, to ensure that the area is used effectively and efficiently.  This means that no spaces are wasted unnecessarily and that you have all of the office furniture you need to keep paperwork, stationery and equipment in its proper place, organised and providing access to everything you need to work.

To provide the needed motivation that fuels creativity and productivity, BC Office Furniture provides a selection of beautiful designer office furniture that’s not only functional but inspiring.  From a choice of office desks, office chairs, filing systems and cabinets as well as boardroom furniture and reception furniture, we can not only help you and your task force to be successful, but we help you present the right image and ideals that will inspire colleagues, clients and visitors

So, how do you create an elegant office interior?  By contacting BC Office Furniture today and commissioning us to provide you with the perfect, fit for purpose, office space you need.